Monday, October 29, 2007

This weekend. . .

. . . I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a Parisian couple in my home. What follows where someoof the more memorable things I heard. It should be noted that what a French accent to these statements is undescribable. The only point of auditory reference I can offer is that of the Frech bartender from Cheers who was always trying to steal Woody Harrelson's girlfriend, Kelly.

It should also be noted that Kelly from Cheers was the topless woman who throws herself from the balcony at the beginning of Letheal Weapon.

"I think football is interesting. . .if you're the coach."

"Pleasuring a man is so simple, even a fat woman can do it."

(On my dissapointment upon realizing a girl I'd been talking to at a party for over an hour was ninteen.)
"Oh, boo-hoo. That means her pussy is very tight, so she'll have to go slower."

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