Friday, February 1, 2008


". . .the kids on your niece's basketball league are so competitive. One of the girls was ejected from a game on a technical. She's eleven!"

"What did the girl do?"

"She called one of the opponents a retard."

"Oh, was the girl a retard?"

"They're eleven, they're all retards."

My neice yells, "Hey!"

"Honey, it's true," my sister consoles.

I hear my nephew's footsteps as he thunders towards his mom. "Ineedtoaskhimaboutstarwars!Ineedotaskhimaboutstarwars!Ineedtoaskhimaboutstarwars!"

"What do you ned to ask you uncle about Star Wars?"

"Ummmmmmmmmmm. . . Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . Ummmmmmmmm. . . "

"Go to your room. How are your classes going?"

"Well. Univision News was supposed to film a segment in one of my classes on Monday. They ended up cancelling and set-up a fake lecture somehwere in the cafeteria. I was dissapointed. I wanted mom and dad to see me."

"They would have. Mom saw her sister on Univision News, once."

"Really, why was she on?"

"They were doing a piece on a mysterious epidemic in Mexico where babies were being born with abnormally large heads. She had one of those and . . ."

"Wait. One of our cousins was born with an abnormally large head? Which one?"

"The one with the abnormally large head."

"Is that the same one that's always rocking back and forth?"

"No. That's Pollo."

"Oh, yeah. . . Pollo."

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