Wednesday, February 13, 2008

E-Mails O' Yore

In this new series, the author will share an e-mail from his private inbox to provide you, the reader, with a glimpse into occurrences of the past, and to marvel at their distance from the now.

Date: Sun 11/06/2005 1:26 PM


Subject: Thank You For Ordering Pizza Hut With Quickorder!

Order/For Pizza Hut
Date/Time Nov 6 2005 at 1:27 PM
Type of Order Delivery
Order Total $19.65
Estimated Time 1:57 PM
Form-of-Payment: Credit Card (Remeber: You must present your credit card to the driver at the time Pizza Hut delivers your order.)


First Pizza: Large Pan Pizza
Specialty Pizza: Supreme pizza
Ingredients: Whole Pizza :Beef Topping,Green Peppers,Mushrooms,Onions,Pepperoni,Pork Topping

Second Pizza: Medium Pan Pizza
Ingredients: Whole Pizza :Mushrooms,Extra Cheese


plenty o' pork, please. drown in sauce.

Side Items/Drinks:


DELIVERY NOTES: buzzer not work. knock on window. or throw pebbles. no rocks. please, no rocks.

If you need to make any corrections or changes to your order, please call the store directly.

Please note that the 'Estimated time' listed above is an automatically generated approximation of when your order may be ready. If you require a more exact estimate of when your order will be ready we recommend that you call the store directly.
PLEASE NOTE: You have requested to pay for this order via credit card. As a result your local store may need to call you shortly to confirm your credit card information. Please make sure that the phone number you have listed with your customer record is available to be called during the next 10 to 15 minutes, if necessary. When your order is ready your credit card will be processed for approval at your local store and a charge ticket will be prepared for your signature and credit card imprint. IMPORTANT: You WILL need to present your actual credit card when your order is delivered or picked up.

Thank you again for using Pizza Hut Online Internet ordering.

(C) Copyright 1997-2005 QuikOrder, Inc. - All Rights Reserved

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