Thursday, March 27, 2008

To get out of the office. . .

. . .I'll sneak off to one of the computer labs in the DePaul Building which connects to my office via a skyway.

I tend not to do this too much, as it's typically annoying. I'll run into someone I can't stand from one of the classes I hate (pick one). Or worse, someone in the Business School will see me dawned in slacks and tie then approach me, thinking I'm one of them. It's upsetting, because I begin to think I may well be.

Conversely, the kids in the Digital Cinema editing lab look at me as if I were of some different brood or species. Little do they know that I watched all 15+ hours of Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz in one day. Nor, would they recognize the nuanced references to van Sternberg's Der Blaue Engel which became a running motif in each of the shorts I produced.

To them, I'm just some fag in a tie.

Back to the reason I started writing this entry:

While at the computer lab, I found a link to some DePaul law students blog. In reviewing it, my heart just cried and cried for Babbles and that other chick. They're two creative, funny people. And this is who they're surrounded by.

Hey Babbles, this douchebag is having his law school memoirs published by St. Martin's Press. Pre-orders for the summer '08 release are available now through Amazon. Or, you can pick it up at the bargain table, summer '08.


Oliver Babbles said...

This fuck is the type of jerkface that surround Gal and I on a daily basis.

It's amazing we haven't gone all 'Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold' yet.

Guys like this are why when people ask me what I'm doing for school I say "grad school" rather than "law school."

A.v.E said...

Of you and Gal, which is the Eric and which is the Dylan?

I totally see you as the Eric.