Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh Dear God. . .

. . .today is Take Your Daughter to work day.

The building is inundated with girls, all smiles, in pretty dresses.

Mark my words, by four-o-clock, the lobby will fill with thier blood, and I'll have crafted a necklace of small, chipped, teeth and the matted locks of once golden hair.

Or I'll just leave early.

Probably the latter.

Lawrence, Kansas. Godfather's Buffet. Tomorrow. Dessert Pizza. Be There.


me... said...

"Take Your Daughter to Work Day" or just a sneaky way around those pesky child labor laws? And why does the janitorial staff get to bring their kids in to work with them twice a week (and once on weekends)?

A.v.E said...

It's not as bad as last years, "Bring a mexican's kid to work day. Their small brown arms are perfect for turning the most inset of screws."