Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Know . . .

. . . the guy behind me loved the new Incredible Hulk, as he kept yelling throughout the movie, "I love this!"

I saw the Unwatchable Hulk when it was released in 2003. Some friends of mine had scored a bootleg copy from the interweb. They sat in their basement apartment, pizza and beer lining the coffee table. The version they had obtained was a working copy. A working copy is one that lacks some of the finishing touches. Typically, a counter runs at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, these versions differ greatly from the final cut. In the instance of the Crispin Glover rat movie, Willard, the entire structure and subject matter were completely different from what was shown in theatres.

With the Unwatchable Hulk, there were no special effects. The version they had appeared to be what the animators/CGI folk would use to create the necessary backdrops and figures. So when Bruce Banner is angered, a choppy cut would lead to a green screen where a man with ping pong balls taped to his blue suit would run around and yell in a high-pitched voice, stopping only to pound his fists on the ground.

To this day, my friends wholeheartedly claim that the version they saw that day was far superior to that which was widely released.

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