Monday, August 4, 2008

The Best, Worst Uncle.

I spent the last five days in Kansas. My first stop was my sister's home in Kansas City. Her family was out when I arrived, so I broke in through a window. They arrived to find my bags in the doorway, and my sleeping mass strectched across their sectional. My niece of 11 and nephew of 8 rushed to hug me. Within minutes, my nephew asked if his birthday present was in with my luggage.

"I'm sorry, big guy. I didn't drive so I couldn't bring that much back with me."

He looked at the ground, sheepishly noting, "Really, because you have three bags?"

"Yeah, but they're small. I put the smaller bags in with the big bag."

"Oh, I just thought that maybe you brought me a present, since you didn't call me on my birthday."

"I called you on your birthday."

"No you didn't."

His mother, my sister, calls out from across the house, "No. You didn't."

"Aw, I'm sorry. I mut have been busy. In my defense, you didn't call me on my birthday."

"Yes I did."


A trip to Wal-Mart later, all was satisfied. At least, it was until I ruined my sister's garage door trying to break-in and get my cell phone charger a few days later.

My bad.

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