Monday, August 11, 2008

On Facebook . . .

. . . my profile states, "If you go to my school, I probably don't like you."

I get asked about this a lot. I pose the model, "You know that guy who was in the back of every class your first two years of college? His hair always looked like he came from the salon. He spent the entire course openly playing on his cell phone, and just seemed to be pissed of he had to be there. He spoke loudly off the bars he and his friends frequented. Imagine an entire school made up of that guy."

Today, I met the ultimate incarnation of him. It was in the study lab. He was sitting with three other students who were pouring over paperwork that filled a table and spilled onto the floor. It was easy to gather that they were working on a major project. In mesh shorts and sandals, he reclined in his seat. His hands were behind his head as he addressed the group.

"I think high school was way harder than college. To me this shit is just easy."

His partners ignored him.

I went on hating him, and everyone like him.


Anonymous said...

who are you kidding; you are that guy.

Or at least his quirky friend (who may or may not be secretly in love with him).

A.v.E said...

No one is my Van Wilder!