Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Around the Office . . .

. . . this morning, I managed to magnetize my stapler. Every time I try to staple something, the staple is broken free from the block, but is then sucked to the front of the head. It takes a few minutes to unclog, then I try again - to the same result.

I never learn.

Often, faxes will come in that were meant to go to another department. In some cases, those departments don't even exist. The following fax was supposed to go to the Department of Whinny Little Bitches (which was closed during the budget crisis of '97):

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am doing my duty as a tax payer to inform you of a car parking on my street with Six parking tickets. The car is a [redacted]. Since I have been booted for my tickets I feel that its far to report someone else. The information is listed below. I feel that you will pass it on to the booting department.

I like that the author of this letter, herein referred to as This Bitch, addresses the letter to Sir or Madam. Has This Bitch ever seen the people that boot cars? Very few of them wear monocles, pantaloons, or even shoes. Such a title of distinction is far from appropriate for them.

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