Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Field Of Study . . .

. . . was boring, uninteresting, and easy. For the past three and a half years, me and my peers would spend class time drawing the same supply and demand curve, over and over again.

That was it. Just a few lines. Know the salient points of the diagram and you're golden. If you were ever called upon for an answer, the response was either, "prices," or "demand."

Then the third-world countries became emerging countries. Companies set up facilities in those countries to cash-in on the cheap human capital. So now we have impoverished countries touting wads of cash. So, like most countries, they put that shit in the IMF/World Fund. That's great. But then they get greedy. They want their holdings to grow bigger than the security of government paper will allow. So these shrewd managers develop this device wherein banks package typically secure mortgages and sell them off to these investment mangers who then sell slices of them with a sizable return. Wetting their appetites, investors want more of the mortgage-backed securities and soon a bunch of fucktards lend a bunch of money to other fucktards who couldn't pay it back. Now my free-time is spent having to trudge through the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis' websites, trying to find data that some professor thinks would be interesting. (It never is.)

I should have followed my gut and majored in mythology.

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Anonymous said...

All fields of study have their favorite, in physics we spent a good portion of all of the classes talking about how its a "simple harmonic oscillator" or how to turn what we are talking about into one.