Friday, April 10, 2009

My Favorite . . .

. . . lunch spot is a dive place called Chicken Planet (which The Girlfriend says sounds like the title to a really bad B-movie). The seating is cafeteria style, with patrons often taking seat next to strangers. I shared a bench with two office Cathies. One sat chewing while the other kept a continuous stream of dialogue going as she poked at her lunch, never stopping to eat.

" . . . Oh, so my sister called to say that her husband's nephew killed himself this morning. With a dog collar. He was 12."

Her audience doesn't stop chewing.

"Did you know that there aren't any Joe's Crab Shacks in Chicago?"

And she was right. There are no Joe's Crab Shacks in the whole of this city.

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Oliver Babbles said...

I think you mean Al's Chickenette, and it's not in Chicago.