Monday, June 8, 2009

Do You Ever . . .

. . . get bored at work and decide to rummage through the several hundred pages of e-mails archived in your inbox? It takes a particular mix of boredom and the desire to self-loathe to begin stirring up the sediment, but once you do, those e-mails take on the form of a gallery showing your last however-many years. It's the closest thing we as humans have to that poem about Footprints. I think it was called "The Road Taken Less Often Than That Other Road. You Know The One That I'm Talking About. It's The Road That's Always Taken. Over There. It's Path Is All Trodden. Because People Are Always Taking It."

"I think that it would take a lot for me to go out with someone that I know so well. I am so glad that we are friends now. I appreciate you and everything that you do for me. I love spending time with you. You are one of the greatest guys that I know. I just don't think that go back out with you now or sometime in the near future is what I want or need. I think that would still hold somethings against you."


Her number is 842-6928. You need this.

Your closest friend,

It says your not online....but you are aren't you? Oh well, talk to you soon

Okay, so if this email makes no sense, know that i've been going on about two hours of sleep, i barely have a voice, so i am really getting to the incoherent point. But i was talking to one of my sisters who is from dodge city....and she like knows who you are! well, she didn't like you very much, but i thought i'd see if you knew her...I love the girl to death...her name is [redacted] [no, wait, fuck it . . .] Lauren Schaefer. She's neat...okay well I just thought i'd drop you a line....give me a call sometime...although i might not make any would be easy to crack'm super slow right now and i walk aroudn in a daze....

see ya

There's more but I've just snapped out of it.

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Anonymous said...

as a general rule of thumb, i am not friends with people who freely use the phrase "ellohell" (i'm sorry, i can't even do it for a point of reference). eff her.