Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Could I Have Forgotten You . . .

. . . the not on facebook readers? (Which I think is about three of the five of you.)

I took an editing class last semester. Above all, I learned that I hated editing other people's footage. For the first two projects we had to create a narrative piece from existing footage, and a movie trailer from a public domain title. Sifting through shot footage to find two worthwhile seconds is daunting and arduous. As much as I was interested in learning how to use the editing software, I didn't get any sort of spark from piecing together the work of someone else.

For the third project, we had to make a music video and were given no perimeters. This means people who had footage they'd shot, or could shoot, would be able to submit that as their assignment. Having no back catalog of work, or access to camera equipment, I used a cheap point-and-shoot, my iPod, and the time (and supplies) in my office to create what follows.

(The uploaded video on blogger is pretty bad, so I'm posting this link instead.)

The Trouble With Love

A band out of Albuquerque, New Mexico saw this and asked if I could do something similar for them. I'm prepping myself for what will most likely be the worst case of Prisoner's Wrist, ever.

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