Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Do I Level in the Low 30s . . . .

. . . this is one of the most strangely dead-on while still being completely off search terms that has brought someone to this blog. I mean, if any website were to tell you where you level in the low 30s, it should definitely be Lower Level 30 dot com. Unfortunately, I don't know where you level. Or, what you're talking about, you strange person from Boulder.

Here are some other search terms that brought people here.

Could the lady of a castle in medieval times go shooting for entertainment.

Car sputtered gas start

Now make me a mahtini you fat fuckin retahd.

You must present your credit card to the driver at the time pizza hut delivers your order.

Where to level at level 30
. (This was a hit from Turkey, and strangely enough, they've been following since.)

Best place for level 30's to level

I don't know what a level 30 is. If you found this blog by a google search of such terminology, could you do me solid and tell me what a level thirtier is and how do I become one, like you?

Thanks, you're the best!

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