Friday, January 15, 2010


So I'm home sick today. I figure that no matter what happens, I won't be employed with my current company by the end of the month (if I retain my job, then it'll be with the new managing entity) so it's a mad scramble to use up all those sick days before they spoil.

When I lived alone in the giant E, a sick day was spent watching movies in the bedroom furnished with a DLP projector and 1,000 watt 7.1 surround system. Being an avid movie fan, I always have a pile of DVDs that I'm excited to get through. The day was spent knocking out those that seemed to fit that days mood. Now, I live with The Girlfriend. One of the great things about her (and after being in relationships where this wasn't the case, I so gratefully appreciate it) is that she's as eager to watch most everything I'm excited to see. Be it a documentary about men having sex with animals (total letdown) or a silent movie being screened to room full of septuagenarians who reek of aged fabrics and the Vapor-rub (again, letdownsville - population: us), The Girlfriend piques her brow and says, "That sounds good," to my suggestions.

With that, I can't watch anything alone. For example, on the dresser next to me are Moon, The Late Show, Antichrist, Bad Lieutenant 2: Bad Harder, Dexter, five seasons of Lost, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, and Jennifer's Body should be in the mailbox. I watched three minutes of Moon before I had to stop. It felt like I was cheating on her to experience a movie I know she'll like without her here. The same goes for all these movies. Hell, even the 500 movies I own and have already watched, I can't bring myself to watch because who knows -maybe she's never seen this one and would have wanted to watch it.

I can't enjoy the experience of watching a movie unless she's around.

I don't think there's much I enjoy anymore, unless she's around.

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