Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the 13th . . .

. . . The Girlfriend and I will be hosting some friends for a screening of The Room. If you haven't seen it, or don't know what it is - get some friends together and watch it. If you don't enjoy yourselves, contact me and I'll send you a check for your time.

The following is the invitation that was sent out:

What happened to the guy with glasses?

What is wrong with that man's face?

Isn't she in the Magic Bullet Express infomercial?

Where did that guy come from? And why is he in this scene?

Breast cancer?

These questions and more just like them will be answered Saturday February 13th during our screening of The Room.

The phrase "so bad it's good" is thrown around in nearly every write-up of Tommy Wiseau's mysteriously-financed opus The Room. This is wrong. Completely wrong. The Room is so bad, it's profound.

You'll leave questioning all empirical truths as you wonder how something like this can exist in our universe. Leading you to realize that man's science is nothing but terms the self-appointed scholars coined while they masturbated one another to help comfort the understanding that we exist within a place without purpose. Without meaning. Where it's dark. And where it's vacuous. There is no cause. There is no such thing as being. We simply are. So you'll turn your back on the things that make for a learned society. You'll lose all sense of your fellow man. You'll live the life of a typical Kansan. Rising each morning with the eastern sun. To tend to the only things you can believe in: your ever faithful alpacas.

But I don't want to hype it up too much.

We're located at xxxx x xxx Street, Apt Xx (one block east of X and X) in sunny X-town.

We're hoping to crack the bottles around eight and start the show at nine. We'll also be raffling off prizes!

Feel free to bring a friend, but please, no companions.

This is what happens when you write up a party invitation after reading too much Cormac McCarthy.

Anyone out there want to talk about Blood Meridian?


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