Monday, February 1, 2010

A Quick History . . .

This blog was started a couple of years ago for a couple of reasons. One was to best a group of friends who had started their own blog. Theirs was left in the night, outside a fire station in the badlands of North Dakota some months later, while mine has kept going.

The second reason is that in the five years I've been working here, I've maintained a string of pretty intense e-mail correspondence with friends near and far. The kind where your workday is punctuated by so-and-so's response to your month long exchange over things as mundane as dry toast. The relationships seemed to follow a pattern.

"Hey do you still use this e-mail address?"

"What have you been up to? I'm working this lame desk job."

"Me too! What do you think about salt-water taffy?"

The stream would last anywhere from a few months to a year. Then something would happen.

They'd move to a new state. They'd get a new job. Or get promoted to a position where they actually held some sort of responsibility. The kind that prohibits a days long dissection of last night's Apprentice. Or if the girl at the party intentionally/accidentally brushed her hand across my junk.

So they'd leave and I'd still be here. With an empty inbox and a stupid story to tell.

So that's the truth behind Lower Level 30.

I don't think I've given more than ten people the link to this site. And I keep things fairly anonymous to protect the guilty. But in the last several weeks, I've had a readership in the hundreds. Most of them are brought here by that link that reads next blog. But it seems like quite a few have stuck around to read through the archives. Some have even left some pretty nice compliments. To you, I've got to say, thanks. For letting me know I'm not playing to an empty house.

It means more than you know.


how to ollie said...

I'm always on the lookout for great blogs, seems you have a great one here. Diamond in the rough.

Little Girl Blue said...

I hardly ever click the "next blog" link as it generally leads me to some stupid family or Jesus related blog, but yesterday it brought me to you. I'm gad you're out there.

Anonymous said...

same answer as "little girl blue" except sent be a boy. keep writing yes please !!!