Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last Week . . .

. . . I came up with two of the greatest cobbler jokes, ever.

The first was born of the realization that cobbler is very similar to clobber and the wonder if ever there was a funny mishap from the similarity. "Hey, I wanted to get these loafers resoled- AHHHHHHHH!"

I told this joke to The Girlfriend who quickly changed the subject. I then repeated it and she merely sighed.

The following day, my friend asks me if I ever get my boots worked on and who I'd suggest. I tell him about my cobbler on Van Buren and to make certain he doesn't go to the clobberer next door. There was s chuckle.

Cut to Friday! I'm telling a friend about an Apple Festival I'll be attending in Kendallville, IN. She tells me she's going to one in Queens. And that hers in Queens will be a better Apple Fest, as the world's largest cobbler will be on display. I ask, "So this giant will be fixing everyone's shoes?"


Yeah, this blog is now devolving into unfunny jokes I told.

Enjoy that.


Anonymous said...

What did the cobbler say to the cat that walked into his store?


Get it?

A.v.E said...

How dare you show me up in my own home.