Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Think . . .

. . . my last posting was about having to pay another year's internet dues to keep this URL .

Then I never really posted again.

I got an email telling me I've been billed for another year of domain service, so once again we're at the place where I'll feel the need to use this rather than throw money away.

So . . . what's new?

Getting married in two weeks. It'll be a western-themed affair in a Chinese restaurant.

A few pages from a script I wrote (and posted here) were shot and will hopefully interest someone into helping finance the rest. You can check out the trailer at:

The Fiancee (formerly The Girlfriend) and I bought a place and are now nestled in lovely southern banks of Edgewater.

We're honeymooning through the Southern US territory so if anyone has some suggestions about towns to see, I'm all eyes. (Birmingham? Is there anything going on in Birmingham?)

Hope You're Well,

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