Thursday, March 13, 2008

And these. . .

. . .are the most notable of my school's alumni.

Ray Manzareck of The Doors. A co-worker ran into him at a coffee shop and was thrilled to share a table with the former keyboardist. Ray Manzareck would not let him leave. In a half hour conversation, he mentioned Jim three times.

Tom Bosely. Most remember him from Happy Days. I remember him from Million Dollar Mystery. This makes me better than you.

My former boss (and ex-CEO of RadioShack and Arby's), Len Roberts. He was fired from Arby's when his planned Chicago Dog, failed terribly.

An actor I once enjoyed who went on to prove the Law Of Diminishing Returns.

This guy. I'll be honest. I've never seen a single episode of Deadwood. I just figured it might get me some street-cred over at the Three Dudes, Two Chicks, a Wookie, and Some Strewn Debris - blarg.

A giant photo of Scully hangs in one of the walls of the Admissions Office. It only makes sense after you find that she went to DePaul.

Oh, and Arrested Development's Kitty Sanchez. I still can't tell you if she's hot or not. Same goes for Jane Krawkowski of 30 Rock. Their faces look sharp enough to cut paper.

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