Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This post. . .

. . . is the blog equivalent of a courtesy flush. Due to the highly personal nature of the previous entry, I'm pushing it down like a prom date's head. In the event yesterday's subject glances over, it would be best that he not read his own name.

A new quarter (that's what we call semesters in Private Catholic School) has begun. The current schedule is way more relaxed. I've struck up an agreement with my boss wherein I take a longer lunch break. This allows me to schedule a class during office hours. My only night classes are now Monday and Thursday. On top of that, I still take a lunch break in the afternoon. He just asked that I stop wrapping presents in the office. Something about how it appears too lackadaisical.

With no class tonight (or any night, zing!), I've decided to dedicate my evening to the procurement of a kitchen table. For too long I've been forced to eat my meals off the floor. A table will greatly reduce my ant and dirt consumption. The rules are as follows:

1. Only Craig's List postings from today, 04/02/2008 can be considered.
2. The table and chairs must allow for transport in no more than two trips.
3. The seller must not be North of Devon Avenue. East of the Lake. West of Western. Or South of Fullerton.
4. No IKEA!

I'd post photos, when acquired, but I loathe blogs with photos. Be it "Friends at the Magnetic Fields show"-type posts, or the style where the writer states something like ". . . puppy dressed up as bunny," then follows it with a Google Image find.

I also hate verbose blogs. That's why I'm ending this here.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog has become truly magnificent.

Don't stop.

Don't ever stop.