Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Brown Line . . .

. . . is the elevated stretch of rail that runs from Chicago's loop, through some of Chicago's finer neighborhoods.

Downtown, the train rides in the shadows of skyscrapers. Looking up, one sees only an unfinished view of these monoliths. It was on these tracks that I would fully realize where it is I now lived. I would shake in anticipation of what the day held.

Soon, the burden of the daily commute robbed me of that appreciation. Much like the last half-hour of a road trip. The train was now that last stretch of the working day. Even now, the rail is the last resort.

Driving southbound on Lake Shore Drive, one can see the full scope of the skyline. From the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, to the crown of 311 South Wacker Drive. It's all there in one living panoramic. That view is what filled in the void after the el had grown routine. And now, as I drove in this morning, I felt it's grip loosening.

I think I'm nearly done with this town.

Does anybody need a roomate in Wichita?


Oliver Babbles said...
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Anonymous said...

moving to wichita has always been a dream of mine. A terribly embarrassing one.