Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm editing together a group paper on the telecommunications industry due this Monday. It's already turning into a nightmare job. One girl writes about the history of telecommunications with the same perspective, craft, and spunk known only by teen editors of high school gazettes. Excerpt:

Let me tell you about the telecommunications industry. The telecommunications industry has been around since around 1876. It all started when Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone. In the first two years, the telephone already had 10,000 phones.

I'd like to add that the author of that piece of text has been accepted to Cornell Law for the fall term of '08.

I woke up at 9:30 yesterday. It's been years since I overslept and missed a class. The problem is further compounded when one takes into consideration that my morning class takes place two hours into my workday. En route to the office, I received a text from a co-worker.

Incoming Text. 5/14. 10:14 AM.

You coming in today?

Text Sent. 5/14. 10:14 AM

It depends. Are there bagels?

Incoming Text. 5/14. 10:16 AM

no but there is alot of work that needs to be done

Text Sent. 5/14. 10:17 AM


I'm three movies shy of having watched 2,500. Any suggestions for these next three?


Oliver Babbles said...

License to DRive
The 'Burbs
Dream a LIttle Dream 2

me... said...

How about the Susanna Hoffs/Joan Cusack classic The Allnighter? If you can't find a copy to rent, I can just call and recite it for you.

A.v.E said...

I haven't seen The Allnighter, or Dream a Little Dream, or it's sequel Dream a Little Dream 2: Dream Harder. They'll all be added to the list.

Unless someone else suggests something better. Though, there's a good chance I won't even bother looking for these movies and will instead watch whatever I goddamn well please.

Moaning Myrtle said...

I've heard "One Night In Paris" is good.....