Monday, May 12, 2008

I Have No Idea . . .

. . . how many people read this. I've given the URL to only a few friends, and on occasion I've posted at that other blog. I speculate my readership peaks out in the teens, but mostly hovers in the single-digit. I prefer not knowing. Lower Level 30 is the electronic answer to a moleskin binder where I can commit incomplete thoughts and ideas into, never to return to again.

In economics we address the problem of the free-riders. Consumers that utilize a free service thereby taking use from someone who paid. For example, on the fourth day of July, you sit in the park and watch a fireworks show put on by your local outfit of Jaycees. You paid nothing, but you're occupying a space that someone who did shoulder the cost could enjoy. Do you see what scum you are, dear reader? 'Cause you are.

If you read this, how about you chip-in and make yourself useful around here:

Lupus is a disease that triggers one's own immune system to attack the healthy cells and organs of the afflicted.

Lupus is also a disease that has touched the lives of a family very close to me.

Alongside them, I'll be participating in the Alliance for Lupus Research Walk for Lupus, Saturday June 14th. I'm writing in hopes that you may be able to provide a donation towards research for a cure. Even the smallest of contributions would be met with the greatest of appreciation and gratitude. Maybe even a hug, we'll see.

I'm not one who is ever comfortable asking for anything, but this means that much to me.

The link to donate can be found below.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


Click Here to Donate

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