Friday, July 25, 2008

By the time . . .

. . . the 147-Southbound for the loop, rears to my corner, it's packed. When you step on, eyes trace over you. You can feel your job, income, and social standing being estimated. I saw an available seat next to a guy reading the Sun-Times. "Could I sit there?" I asked, pointing to the vacant window seat.

He unscrewed the lid of his thermos and poured coffee over it, "Sure."

I found a seat with the rest of my kind at the back of the bus. There, the guy next to me was reading some self-help book. I glanced over and read the following line, "Most people reference John Travolta's 2003 film Basic. . ."

Bullshit! Nobody references John Travolta's 2003 film Basic. Not even John Travolta or anyone associated with the production.

The General's Daughter, now that's a whole different story.

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what the fuck was this