Monday, September 8, 2008

"A.v.E, you want to go with me to a party on Saturday?"

"Is it, you know . . . south of Roosevelt?"

"Yeah, it's Dwayne Wades' party!"

"Dwayne Wayne!?"

"No, Dwayne Wade."

"I don't know what that is. Last time you took me to a party, I spent most of the night trying to look like I belonged there. Which I didn't. Besides, I have to help a friend with a fundraiser on Saturday."

Saturday afternoon I found out that Dwayne Wade plays for the Bulls.

Early Sunday morning, my co-worker sent me a text:

"Marlo Stanfield is here!!!"

A little bit of me died.


Anonymous said...

Dwayne Wade plays for the Miami Heat

A.v.E said...

Thanks. Let me go file that under, "I don't give a fuck."