Friday, September 19, 2008

Leaving My Apartment . . .

. . . I saw a sofa, centered in an alley. My first thought was, "SNICK!"

Odd trivia: One of my favorite books of all-time is Leaving Las Vegas. John O'Brien writes so eloquently on matters so perverse that one can't help but be awed by the scope he frames the grime of this world in. For an example, here is an excerpt:

O'Brien struggled to find a publisher before settling with Watermark Press, a small outfit operating out of Wichita, Kansas. He died by his own hand a few weeks after it was announced that the book would be made into a movie. His father claims that Leaving Las Vegas is O'Brien's suicide note. Despite unfinished manuscripts that were later completed by his sister, Leaving Las Vegas is one of the two completed works by O'Brien known to exist.

The other: Rugrats episode # 37, Toys in the Attic (under the pseudonym Carroll Mine).

Keeping the Nickelodeon theme going, a former All That personality receives mention in the hottest track off the new Young Jeezy album:

Don't know what the fuck you talkin' bout,
I'm hangin' up right now
You ain't Nick Cannon
and this ain't Wild n' Out.

The album is aptly titled The Recession, and has not stopped playing over in the Economics department since it dropped.

As you can tell, I am fucking bored today.

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Moaning Myrtle said...

Did you happen to see this couch while you were pushing your Chevy Hydra (1 of 3, ever) all over Chicago?