Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!!!

I'm anxious for the vice presidential debates this Thursday. Enough so that I've juggled and re-scheduled my obligations to make sure that when the candidates take the stage, I'll be in front of the television with three pounds of chicken tenders and a bottle of wine.

I'd like to say "slaughter," would be the theme of the debate. I'd like to see the first three rows were given Gallagher like tarps to keep the goo and bits of hair off their person. Unfortunately, I know this won't be the case:

Back in high school, a good friend of mine was walking to class when someone shoved him from behind. My friend turned to see that it was Tobias, a kid who was also known for his sideways foot. His condition gave him a very recognizable saunter. My friend had to choose between walking away and being seen as the guy that couldn't stand up to Tobias. Or, pushing back - thus earning him the title of "the guy that beat up a cripple."

Joe Biden is in the exact same position my friend was.

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