Friday, October 3, 2008

Today is the Ethnic Potluck . . .

. . . which was to allow each employee to share a part of their culture with the office through cuisine. Instead, the sign-up sheet outside Carole's office makes no socio-sense. Karen, the south side Irish woman is bringing curry. DeAnthony, the black guy, is bringing brownies. All the Indian IT personal are bringing casseroles and cobblers. It's become complete bullshit and I refuse to participate. (That and I don't own any plastic containers.)

Olivia feels the same way. But she did it right. On the list she penciled in, "store pie." What a beautiful fuck you to the system. It says, "Not only do I think little of you, I'm going to tell you how meaningless you are to me through food."

I tip my hat to you, Olivia.

On an unrelated note, Gillian Welch is one of the most talented women in music. Her voice can bring me to tears. There's something so sad in her voice while still being so serene. It's my pledge to bone her before I die. Since they unblocked youtube this week, I've had the following video playing on repeat.

If you're unfamiliar with her, download Time (The Revelator). It's an album I've listened to once a week since first finding it. Then go buy it.


Lee said...

you know, ryan adams and gillian welch cover that song together (the revelator) and it's probably the most amazing thing i've heard him sing as a duet.

this radiohead cover is like two ridiculously good things in one, yessss.

Lee said...

forget the lame rain video. i dont know who made it. but it's good backup-ness

or this, Helpless..

(again. forget the ridiculous slide show. who has time to make this shit!?)