Monday, August 9, 2010

Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick . . .

. . . take a ride on the West Coast kick.

This Friday after work marks the beginning of a road trip The Girlfriend and I have talked about since we started dating, but in a way - almost felt it might be one of those things that never fully pans out. Like dropping those ten pounds, seeing Paris, or taking all that junk to Goodwill.

We envisioned a long drive set at pace determined by our own interest - with stops located at those towns we either love or always wanted to see or knew people we loved. This is that route:

Notice that it's a giant dong? Intentional.

We leave for work proceeding west towards Manitou Springs, Colorado with our endurance calling our town and time of rest. We'll stay there until Wednesday the 18th of August where we have a two-night stay in Vegas. After we amass our fortune and reputation, it's off to San Francisco where we'll stay until we tire of the town and head north for Portland and it's surrounding locales. I'm anxious to check out Powell's books and am almost certain that an entire day could be spent there before heading out to Seattle and possibly to points further north. Our only obligation is a hotel room waiting for us in Deadwood, South Dakota on the 26th of August. We hope to make it for the lighting of Mount Rushmore and to toss dice against the hoopleheads.

We've been more than fortunate to finds friends in these cities eager to have us, ans well as being eerily lucky that we have a friend who will be in Chicago during our trip who will stay at our place and take care over our cat, plants, and make sure that family of opossums don't make there way in. (If you're reading this Lee, more than four opossums and we have a problem.)

So if you, dear readers, can suggest any places of interest along or of this route - we would be more thank happy to hear it.

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Lee said...

I didn't get to see this until now, because Wisconsin internet sucks and your internet is all-good.

You're going to Portland!!! I have some food/coffee/bar recommendations, if you're into that...Voodoo Donuts, The Horse Brass, Stumptown, Albina Press (better than Stumptown in my opinion), etc, I could go on...Portland is easily one of the prettiest/tastiest places. Powell's is amazing. The Rose Gardens and Japanese gardens are great too. If you have time, check out Multnomah Falls. Worth it.

I've heard driving the coastal highway in northern California is just gorgeous...are you driving past the Redwoods?

I don't know anything about in-between here and the West coast.

Opossum status: zero sightings.