Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There's One Reason. . .

. . .to stay out of the office environment.

It's not the crippling routine. Nor is it the self-degradation that occurs when you look around at the people you work with (and by the way, you're no better than any of them). No, it's the bereavement card.

When someone passes, the bereavement card does, too. It's not bad if you're one of the first people to get it. You can still scribe any of the three standard mourns. They are:

My Deepest Sympathies.
My Deepest Condolences.
My Prayers Are With You.

If you get the card after those gems have been put down, you're kind of screwed. When Barry's mother passed, I was the last to sign the card. I thought I hit the jackpot when I read over and found that My Deepest Sympathies hadn't been taken yet. I began to write, noticing only after the Sym- that it had been used. I brainstormed. My contribution ended up reading, "With My Deepest Symbols of Hope." Out of respect, I refrained from drawing a small dove.

This morning, when the news of Baski's father broke, I was the first out the door. Destination: Hallmark.

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