Thursday, May 22, 2008

Over At. . .

. . . my friend Jacqueline's blog, she hosts a continuing series, "Rip/ped, Torn Subway Posters."

Like most of what she does over there, it's pretty brilliant. She posts the remnants of subway posters, long ago torn away. What remains achieves something not unlike a Rorschach.

In fact, she likened this image to ink blots.

Sadly, this is wholly inaccurate.

What we actually have in this image is one of those Whammies from Press Your Luck, mid-mitosis, while an American-Indian (keeping warm in a blanket) looks on, probably ruminating over something.

Sorry, Jackie. You dropped the ball on this one.

(I should ask her permission to re-print her work, but I really doubt she comes over here.)

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Anonymous said...

Where do you work that you get to spend your day drawing and going to meetings in trailers?