Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's Craig's List Task.

Using only the search terminology "Bed + Chicago + Uptown," I will acquire a new bed by the end of this working day.

Cost will be no greater than $150. The unit must be located in a quadrant smaller than that which was used when purchasing a dining table.

The borders are as follows.
North - Berwyn.
South - Argyle.
West - Clark.
East - Sheridan.

As you can see, I take up residence in a giant E. Do you live in a secret, vacant, old-haunted building slash lair of terror that's shaped into the first letter of your last name, that's full of booby-traps, honey, and gold? Didn't think so.

I hope I find a bed made of skulls.

Human or monkey. Either will do.

And if there isn't a skull bed, I'll settle for a race car bed.

. . . race car spelled backwards is race car.


Moaning Myrtle said...

a word that's spelled the same forward and backward is a palindrome. radar is my favorite.

A.v.E said...

You win the Oliver Babbles Stater of the Obvious Award.

Given bi-annually, the Oliver Babbles Stater of the Obvious Award began in September of 2007, during a still unexplained wedding which took place in Colorado. There, Oliver Babbles actually stood up, before his peers, and explained ethics.

Since then the award has gone on to recognize statments of widely known fact, given in a most condescending and/or clueless of manner. Congrats, Myrtle. Nobody knew what a palindrome was.

Palindrome is also the title of Todd Solondz's worst effort, yet.