Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Friday . . .

It's also payday. I know this because Kirby is eating a three-course breakfast out of Styrofoam containers spread across his desk. The scent of salt soaked sausage, eggs and hash browns alert me to his disposable income.

Friday has become my favorite day of the week, but not for the typical TGIF reasons. In June, as I made my way to the eastern seaboard, I was able to see New York City for the first time. My original plan was to exit off the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and have dinner at the first place I could find. Instead, I drove straight through in awe. Part of the fun in making such a journey is being able to score the surroundings. It's a challenge to see something, then find the appropriate song/album for the view (while not killing anyone, too). Modest Mouse's song 'Ohio' was on repeat as I drove through the buckeye state. Driving through Jersey, I blared Springsteen while passing the Meadowlands. In New York, I opted to scan the radio and see what the stations held. It was then, through the static, that I heard George Jones. Following that was Hank Williams. I'd been fortunate enough to be passing through the Big Apple as NYU Radio's Honky Tonk Girl was broadcasting. She gets a 90-minute slot every Thursday night at 7:30. It was the perfect soundtrack as it was in stark contrast to the scenery.

My dial remained on 89.1 until the signal faded and New York fit in my rear view.

When I returned to my office that following week, I searched the net and found that each of her shows is archived on NYU's website. It's become my Friday tradition to stream her broadcasts throughout the day. More than the great music, it takes me back to that drive. To truly see the country. To drive through the Allegheny mountains, take the forest trails of New England, and stare at the water falling in Niagara.

At the time I felt underwhelmed by it all. As I sit here at this desk, I only wish I had something like that to look forward to. Until then, all I have is this station.

Radio Honky Tonk Girl can be streamed at:

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